Most Common Ways to Drink Scotch

Do you love the pungent aroma of Scotch whisky? A bottle of Scotch can give an ultimate pleasure with its lingering finish. However, how should you sip Scotch to get the best experience from it? There are no strict rules about the way to drink this whisky. Still, a few tips will take your enjoyment to a new level. 

Scotch – Single and blended malts:

Before mastering the way to sip Scotch whisky, you should have a basic understanding of the alcoholic drink. A single-malt Scotch has a combination of 100% barley and water. It has whiskies from various barrels and batches. But, blended malt Scotch has more than 2 single-malt whiskies manufactured at various distilleries. Johnnie Walker is a popular choice for those who love blended Scotch whisky.

Drinking Scotch whisky neat:

You have to choose your drinking vessel to sip the whisky. There are several options ranging from rock glass to Solo cup. If you want to just enjoy the Scotch, you can use a whisky snifter. The main idea is to directly pour your Scotch from a bottle into the chosen vessel or glass. There must be no interruption in the pouring process. As a beginner, you should sip the drink slowly to experience the intricacies.

The snifter has a wider bottom tapering towards the top. It captures the drink’s aromas, which concentrate in a single place. 

Scotch mixed with ice:

Some whisky purists do not like to add ice to Scotch, but it allows them to cool down their drinks. Chilling the Scotch also enables you to reduce the dominant alcoholic flavours. Remember that larger ice cubes may melt slowly. You will get time to sip your whisky before the cubes melt away. However, never add more than 3 cubes, as it may prevent you from enjoying the good stuff.

Consider using whisky stones:

Many whisky lovers do not want to add ice to chill their drinks because it causes dilution. The best alternative is the whisky stone, which does not dilute the Scotch but chill the drink. So, a whiskey connoisseur can buy stones and add them to their Scotch. The stones will not melt, and you will experience refreshing coolness.

Scotch in your cocktail:

Scotch is the best choice for those who prefer experimentation. There are different cocktail recipes, which contain Scotch and other ingredients. For instance, a blend of Scotch and ginger beer with lime juice will give you a unique sensation. Some bartenders also add spirits such as vodka to Scotch whisky. You will enjoy the depth of flavour with the best Scotch cocktail recipe.

Scotch whisky mixed with water:

Water lets you get new flavours in whisky but reduces the alcoholic intensity. Using water causes chemical suppression of ethanol molecules and flavours obtained from wood barrels. If you want to avoid undesirable aromas, you may add water to your Scotch.

So, these are ways to experience Scotch whisky. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the right technique for drinking Scotch.

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