Exploring the Diverse Range of Courses Offered by Vikrant University

As India has been recovering from the economic slowdown that the pandemic brought on, a surprising trend has emerged. People from small towns are driving most of the development in the country – building valuable startups that are giving back to the unemployed and the environment.

This may sound a tad fantastical but it is true. Today, you can even find world-class colleges in Gwalior that offer a range of courses in disciplines from Agriculture to Yoga.

In this blog, we explore one such college and the courses it offers across various disciplines and levels. Read on to find out why this college is considered one of the best colleges in Madhya Pradesh irrespective of what course you end up taking.

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Know More About Vikrant University

The Range of Courses at Vikrant University

School of Agricultural Science

School of Engineering and Technology

School of Legal Studies



Know More About Vikrant University

Spread over an area of 48+ acres, Vikrant University is located in the heart of Gwalior. This is considered one of the best colleges in Gwalior, and for good reason too, as it offers a range of courses ranging from certificate level to PhD. That is not all though, as this university takes a balanced approach to learning, where students are encouraged to explore their interests alongside studies.

With an 80% placement record and over 6000 students, since it was established in 2022, this Centre for Excellence has been recognized by various international as well as government institutions. Nowadays, it is comprised of 7 schools that are dedicated to different fields of study, each one of the best colleges in Gwalior in its discipline:

School of Engineering and Technology

School of Legal Studies

School of Management and Commerce

School of Agricultural Science

School of Humanities and Culture

School of Nature and Applied Sciences

School of Pharmacy

Now that you know why this might be one of the elite colleges in Madhya Pradesh, let us now move on to finding out exactly what courses they offer.

The Range of Courses at Vikrant University

As we mentioned in the first part of this blog, Vikrant University can be considered a one-stop solution to get higher education for a range of courses across all levels. By this, we mean that it offers a plethora of higher education programs such as:

Certificate Programs

Diploma Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Post Graduate Programs, and 

PhD Programs.

Now these courses are quite numerous, and depending on the subject, may be offered for a different duration, even at the same level. Hence, we’ll list some of the courses at the best colleges in Gwalior according to the school system they already follow.

School of Agricultural Science

The courses offered by the School of Agricultural Science at one of the best colleges in Gwalior start at the diploma level and go up to PhD level, with options to choose between various specializations. These are detailed in the table below.

Level Subjects Duration Eligibility Criteria
Diploma Diploma in Agriculture 1-year or 2 years 10th pass for 1 year course;

12th pass with PCB/M/ Agriculture for 2 year diploma

Undergraduate Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Agriculture 4 years 10+2 pass with PCB/M/ Agriculture or equivalent
Postgraduate Master of Science (M.Sc) in Agronomy; Soil Science; Horticulture; Genetics and Plant Breeding. 2 years BSc Agriculture or equivalent
Doctor of Philosophy PhD in Agricultural Science As per UGC PhD Regulations

School of Engineering and Technology

This school has the broadest range of courses on offer, with a multitude of programs available at every level: Certificate, Diploma, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and PhD. Of course, these courses have different durations and eligibility criteria depending upon the program, which you can check out on their website.

Other than the usual Engineering disciplines, many unique and job-oriented specializations can be found in some of the best colleges in Gwalior, such as:

Certificate in Fire Technology and Safety Engineering

Diploma in Drone Technology

Advanced Diploma in Industrial Safety

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in Cyber Security

B.Sc. in Health Safety and Environment.

School of Legal Studies

Vikrant University has a celebrated law faculty and offers Legal courses on par with the best in the world. The table below lists the range of courses it offers which makes it one of the best Law colleges in Gwalior:

Level Subjects Duration Eligibility Criteria
Diploma Cyber Law; Labour Law; International Family Relations; Taxation and GST. 1 year 10+2 pass and pursuing a 5-year 3-year Law program
Undergraduate Bachelor of Law (LL.B.) 3 Years 10+2 examination in any stream with 45% marks for the general category and 40% SC & ST
Integrated B.A. LL.B. 5 years 10+2 examination in any stream with 50% marks or equivalent
Postgraduate Masters of Law (LLM) in Criminal Law; Business Law; Constitutional and Administrative Law; and Labour Law. 2 years Bachelor’s degree in law or equivalent


As you can see, this university is not only among the celebrated law colleges in Gwalior but also offers many courses in various disciplines. And we haven’t talked about all the schools at this university yet.

Still, there is no doubt that the multitude of courses on offer make this one of the best colleges in Gwalior.


How does Vikrant University offer so many engineering courses?

Vikrant University can offer so many engineering courses as it employs many IIT alumni in its teaching staff. 

What international bodies is Vikrant University linked to?

Vikrant University has linkages with international bodies like:

Innovation Labs, California, USA

TeknoBit Solutions. USA

OGM, Technical Institute, Australia

Cyryx College, Male, Maldives.

Does Vikrant University offer Vocational Training?

Yes, Vikrant University also has a School of Vocational Studies which provides certificates in Health and Sanitation, Food Processing and Technology, and Library and Information Sciences.

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