Fashion in Television

Fashion plays an integral role in TV shows and the entertainment industry, from characters wearing costume to symbols with deeper symbolic significance.

Characters’ clothes can play an integral role in their storylines, as costume designers strive to ensure the character wears appropriate garments that reflect their character and time period. Oftentimes, these outfits are tied directly to a person’s personality and offer viewers insight into who the individual is as individuals.

TV has seen some iconic fashion moments that have shaped modern day style. For instance, “Mad Men” revolutionized men’s suits by making them acceptable not just for formal affairs or black-tie affairs but everyday life too.

Similarly, Marlo Thomas’ sitcom “That Girl” was a hit during its era and inspired many women to dress more daringly and fashionably. As the first show to feature a single woman building her career, its style of dressing has remained timeless over time.

The ’90s are remembered for their vibrant colors and eye-catching clothing. But they also had a rich history of innovation in fashion – movies like “Flashdance,” “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” and “Clueless” all having an impact on society today, with many looking back on these films as sources of inspiration.

Another example of how TV has influenced fashion is through reboots and reimaginings. Netflix originals such as “Stranger Things” and “Emily in Paris” have caused a revival in ’80s style, from light wash denim to retro sneakers.

In the ’90s, teens often donned metallic mini dresses featuring a sequin pattern or design. These outfits were ideal for going out with friends and could easily be recreated using similar metallic fabric but in different colors.

If you’re looking to replicate these metallic gowns at home, online shopping websites are your best bet. Not only do they sell similar styles at cheaper prices than brick-and-mortar stores, but some even carry designer versions of these gowns!

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In the ’90s, teens adopted a fashion trend called “reggae.” This trend originated with “Reggaeton,” from band “The Cure.” Teenagers would wear loose-fitting tees and jeans as part of their look; this look has made a comeback in recent years and brands are getting on board with it as well.

There’s been a major trend toward oversized jackets and t-shirts lately, inspired by the oversized garments worn by gangsters on “The Sopranos.” It’s an iconic style for teenage boys to sport with jeans and a tee underneath.

Finally, there’s the growing trend of “grown-ish.” Grown-ish, a show about adult women, has seen an uptick in fashion-conscious fans on Instagram and its social media channels. Michelle Cole – costume designer for the show – notes that people are now more invested in what Zoey and other characters wear compared to years past.

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