Kids Corner

How to Create a Kids Corner in Your Shop Or Showroom

Kids Corner is an engaging space where children can engage in activities that foster learning and build social skills. The space offers a range of enjoyable games, reading materials, music performances and arts & crafts projects. Situated within the Discovery Center at Prospect Park Zoo – home to both sea lion court and Nocturnal House – Kids Corner provides hours of enjoyment for all visitors!

One way to engage your customers and make them feel welcome is by investing in a play area at your shop or showroom. A kids’ corner offers children a safe space to play while their parents explore products or elements at their own leisure.

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Color palette is essential when creating an inviting environment for customers’ little ones. Reds, blues and pinks stimulate energy while greens and browns encourage peace and creativity.

Consider installing a chalkboard wall or magnetic board in the area for children to practice their art work and write their own stories or poems. Doing so gives them ownership over their space and encourages them to take pride in it.

Providing customers with a fun and interactive experience is key for the success of your business. A kids’ corner can add that personal touch while building brand loyalty that will last into the future.

Retail is becoming more about providing customers with an enjoyable experience than just price and product. By creating a play area in your store or showroom, you can ensure children and parents stay entertained while they browse and shop, leaving you more time to provide expert advice about products or offers.

To create a fun environment in your shop or showroom, reposition play areas and/or add wall-play elements. This way, children and their parents can have an enjoyable journey while exploring all your products or elements simultaneously.

DYI stores often experience this issue, where parents come in searching for parts or advice from staff members. This presents a challenge to staff members since they must speak to parents while their kids are playing around. This solution offers an ideal solution in such instances.

Space can be divided by a fence or divider, or you can simply set up one large table in the middle for seating. You may also provide hooks and canvas bags to hang accessories or toys, as well as small containers to display artwork and photos.

For added safety, always ensure the children’s play areas are off the floor so adults can easily supervise them. Furthermore, make sure there are no hazardous substances or hazards like sharp corners or open fires present in the area.

Addition of a children’s area to your store or showroom is an inexpensive yet effective way to increase the value of your business. Demonstrating that you care about their needs will leave visitors with a positive impression of your company, leading to repeat business and referrals from friends and family. A children’s area may prove especially beneficial in the future as it will likely keep existing customers coming back and referring others to visit as well.

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