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Clubhouse’s Content Moderation Issues

Clubhouse is an app that enables users to create and join conversation rooms tailored towards their interests. The platform focuses on listening, with users muted until an administrator or guest speaker allows them to join the discussion.

Celebrities such as Oprah, Jared Leto and Chris Rock have made special appearances on the app created by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Paul Davison and Google engineer Rohan Seth. It’s currently available on iOS and Android; however, the company plans on opening up to a wider user base by 2021.

Clubhouse claims its mission is “to open up the world through Clubhouse,” yet as of December 2020 it remains in closed beta. Existing members only have two invitations available, making it difficult for new users to join if they don’t know anyone with access.

Clubhouse recently expanded its user base by granting each new member the power to invite two friends. This allowed it to grow from 600,000 subscribers in December 2020 to more than 10 million today. However, despite this expansion there remain some challenges when it comes to content moderation.

With so much of their conversations taking place in real-time, it can be challenging for the company to police abuse and hate speech – leading them to alter their content moderation policy. According to The New York Times, they are currently working on improving algorithms for monitoring live audio. They’ve also implemented a program that retains audio recordings only when reported during real-time conversations; however, this may not be enough to adequately safeguard users.

In an interview with TechCrunch, CEO Irene Koehler stressed the lack of guarantees when it comes to safety of conversations on her platform. She cited misinformation and hate speech as common themes across other platforms and noted Clubhouse is no exception to these risks.

One way to ensure your comments are not filtered out is to add an extra layer of security to your account, such as a password. Another alternative is using an email address for identity verification.

There are a few tools that can enhance the experience, such as Direcon’s analytics for conversation data ($50 per month) and various soundboards. But many of these services are just add-ons, leaving it up to you whether they’re worth spending money on. Click here to know all About Lifestyle

Clubhouse website lists upcoming events, such as an improv show by late comedian Tim Minchin. Furthermore, the app provides a chat-room calendar so users can schedule conversations at convenient times.

Furthermore, the app features an exclusive creator accelerator program (Opens in a new window) designed to make it simple for those with significant social media followings to launch their own content on the site. Furthermore, payment services are provided, enabling any iOS user to send or receive payments. Plz Visit here for all about Travel

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