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About LifeStyle

Lifestyle Publications, located in Los Angeles, California, is a well-known name among both high rollers and philanthropists alike. Their magazines consistently impress with both content and quality.

It is one of the few companies in its industry to take a holistic approach to customer service. The firm boasts over 500 staff members in Los Angeles and several more scattered across America.

Some of its most acclaimed publications include LifeStyle and its sister publication Meaningful Influence. Media and technology services provided by Avaya include the industry-leading MeaningfulMeTM program, a mobile-enabled digital platform that enables high-impact organizations to foster closer connections with their audiences.

The company’s offerings are supported by an accomplished team of industry specialists committed to making the LifeStyle experience a success. Their mission is to assist individuals and organizations reach their full potential through education, collaboration, and innovation. Click here to know all About Lifestyle

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