What To Expect From Old School RuneScape In 2024

The Old School RuneScape 2024 plans include the two-part Varlamore expansion, Defender of Varrock quest revamp, and a Wilderness update.

U7buy has OSRS GP for sale at the best prices! The Old School RuneScape team has revealed the 2024 schedule. It’s packed with new content. The roadmap contains six main sections. And the best part is this is just half of the fun. The roadmap stops in the summer which means that more yet-unannounced updates await us in the second half of the year. Let’s focus on the most important parts of the 2024 OSRS roadmap.

Are You Up For Saving Varrock in This Revamped OSRS Quest?

One of the most iconic Old School RuneScape quests is being revamped. You will have the chance to play this adventure from the Mahjarrat Zemouregal story again. This quest was first introduced into the game in 2008. The reboot plays pretty much the same. The story didn’t change but it received some additions. As the name suggests, players are tasked with defending Varrock. If you remember, it was thanks to Arrav that Varrock was safe for so long. He made a deal at a costly price. A long time has passed and it seems like the old prophecy is being fulfilled. But this time, it’s you who must guard Varrock. This update should go live in the spring.

The OSRS Varlamore Expansion Brings New Content

The new Old School RuneScape expansion arrives in two parts. The first part goes live on March 20th. You have enough time to complete the Children of the Sun quest before the expansion gets here. This serves as the introductory quest for the Varlamore story. You meet all the important NPCs and gain entrance to this realm. A new mini-game is in the works. It’s called the Perilous Moons. The Hunter Guild is part of the expansion features as well. The Fortis Colosseum is not missing from the list either. The second part of the expansion takes players to the mountains north of Civitas Illa Fortis. You should be prepared to face a new boss here. The island of Aldarin awaits as well. This is where you can take part in the new Herblore activity. Varlamore Part II adds more quests and brings updates for existing activities.

A New Adventure Awaits in the OSRS 2024 Wilderness Update

The first thing on the to-do agenda for the 2024 Wilderness update is to make the low-level PvP areas more desirable. The Chaos Temple is being transformed into a hub for rewarding PvP activities. This is where players can engage in fights and earn cash and loot. On the other side, we have undead pirates and elder chaos druids. All in all, this update should be fun. If you defeat the pirates, you will obtain unique items exclusive to the Wilderness. You can use these items to prevent the chaos druids from teleporting. No one gets in and no one gets out. The druids can block your escape route. Needless to say, this won’t be a walk in the park. Why should you do it? Because of the compelling loot.

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