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The Renaissance and Its Impact on Art and Culture

The Renaissance was the first “rebirth” of Western civilization in nearly a thousand years. It spread across Europe in various forms from the fourteenth to the seventeenth century. The period has a lasting impact on world history. This article will explore the Renaissance’s impact on art and culture. Also, learn about the role of the arts during this time. And learn about the artists that helped to shape the Renaissance. Here are some examples of artists who made their mark during this period.

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The first step in understanding the Renaissance is to understand the events that led to the period. The events of the Black Death shattered much of Europe, lowering its prestige. But it also opened the door to education for many who had previously been locked out. Economic circumstances made it possible for children from lower-class families to attend school. The Renaissance also brought about significant advances in the visual arts. Several of these advances have an impact on modern art and culture. Visit For All About Lifestyle

The Renaissance began in Italy during the 14th century and spread throughout Europe. It reached its peak in the 16th century with the work of the great Italian masters. The term “renaissance” comes from French and means “rebirth.” In the Renaissance period, classical art was revived in a humanistic style. Instead of the religious atmosphere of the Middle Ages, Renaissance artists focused on the natural world and the individual man.

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